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Clip and Ponytail Elastic Information


At Fairy Tails, we use only the finest hardware and elastics available. For our tuxedo barrettes, we use the one-piece "Made In France" Barrette. This is the finest clip available. It's made in France (shown in picture below) and is more expensive, but itís just plain better. Asian copies usually have a removable metal bar in the middle, which often falls out, rendering the hair bow unwearable. Thatís why we only use the "Made In France" barrette. French barrettes are perfect for a girl with a full head of hair. We offer this clip in three sizes!

Snap Clips are another TUXEDO BARRETTE clip choice (shown immediately below). These metal "bend and snap closed" clips are great for pulling back a little bit of hair on toddlers with finer hair. Lined pinch (alligaor clips) are available on our INFANT AND BOUTIQUE BOWS ONLY. These work beautifully with our interchangeable knit headbands for babies with fine or no hair. Snap clips and pinch clips are easy to put on a toddler whoís wiggling around and grip the finer hair better than our french barrettes do. SNAPS DO NOT WORK AS WELL ON GIRLS WITH A LOT OF HAIR. Our french barrettes are a better choice for a child with a full head of hair.

Our snap clips, pinch (alligator) clips and french barrettes are all lined in matching grosgrain.


Snap Clips
Lined in matching grosgrain


Pinch (Aligator) Clips
Lined in matching grosgrain

Our extra heavy duty ponytail elastics are tried and true by my own daughter who wears them almost every day. We use the heavier variety that doesn't pull apart or stretch out so far that the elastic is rendered useless. These are offered in two colors - black or white - and coordinate with our streamer color designs. Toddler elastics for finer or younger hair are available on all streamer and tweener tail products.


Clip change out charge

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