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Made to Match Orient Expressed

If you'd like to share a photo of your child wearing any of our Fairy Tails, simply send the digital picture to me via email at bowpeep@bellsouth.net!

PLEASE be sure to mention that your photo is intended for our "Photo Gallery" in the subject of your message or it will not be posted on our website. (Privacy is the utmost concern at Little Bow Peep therefore neither names nor locations of children will ever be mentioned.)

Suggestion for photographs: Close-up photos that are taken from the waist or chest up are preferred. Outdoor lighting (natural lighting) helps achieve great colors for both the child and bow also.

Thank you for sharing!

Rainbow Solids Streamer
11" length on 9 year old

Rainbow Stripe Boutique Style Bow
Large size bow on headband
Model is 7 years old

Custom Patriotic Monogram Tuxedo
3" size on 2 year old

Swiss Dot Name Headband
Navy Swiss Dots Shown

Gymboree Uniform Shop Streamer
9" length on 7 year old

Gymboree Uniform Tuxedo
4" size on 7 year old

Apple Green and Red Holiday Streamer
9" length shown

M2M Wish You Were Here
Tuxedo (3" size)

M2M Wish You Were Here
9" length shown on 2 year old

"Everyday Princess" Streamer
9" length in Light Pink

Black and White Patterns Streamer
9" length shown

Rainbow Streamer
9" size shown on 6 year old

M2M Gymboree Island Getaway
4" tuxedo on 6 yr old

M2M Orient Expressed "Stripe and Floral Dress 2007"
4" tuxedo on 6 yr old

M2M Orient Expressed "Pocketbooks" Boutique Bow
Medium Size on 6 year old

Black/White Stripe Headband with
3" tuxedo on 2 yr old

Create Your Own Football Tuxedo
3" tuxedo on 2 yr old

M2M Old Navy
3" tuxedo on 2 yr old

Layered Boutique Bow
Medium size on 1 year old

Ruched Headband in Ginger
on 6 year old model

Everyday Princess Streamer
7" length on 2 yr old

Valentine Tweener Tails
LG bow, 9" tails, 7 year old

Monogrammed Covered Barrette
Christmas Polkas

Swiss Dot Covered Barrette
Brown/Pink Swiss Dots

Scroll Jacquard Belts
Apple Grn/Hot Pink, Seamist/Brown, Brown/Hot Pink Shown

Solid Grosgrain Tweener Tails
Medium Bow - 5 inch tails
on 4 year old

Roses Jacquard Infant Bow
on Interchangable Knit Headband

Brown and Pink Polka Tuxedo
on detachable swiss dot headband
Medium size shown on 6 year old
Initial Tee from www.PolkaDotMarket.com

Monogrammed Infant Bow
White w/Tropic Lilac Monogram
on 3 month old

Jumbo Monogrammed Tuxedo
for Valentine's Day
on 7 year old

Custom Patriotic Ponytail Streamers
9" length shown on all

Custom Patriotic Ponytail Streamer
9" length shown

Pink Gingham Tweener Tails
Medium Bow, 5" Tails on 2 year old

Amadeus Tuxedo on Satin Headband

M2M Island Getaway
7 inch "Mixed" streamer shown

M2M Spring Rainbow
Jumbo Tuxedo on 4 year old

M2M Lady Daisy
Toddler size boutique bow

"We Love Your Bows!" was the
message that was sent with this photo

M2M Lady Daisy
Toddler boutique style bow

M2M Gymboree Candy Apple
4" tuxedo shown

Rainbow Stripe Headband with monogrammed tuxedo
3" Tuxedo on 2 yr old

Patriotic Polkas Streamer
7" length on 2 year old

M2M Island Getaway
Streamer (9" length)

M2M Wish You Were Here
(3" tuxedo on 2 year old)

M2M Island Getaway
(4" tuxedo on 4 year old)

Woven Barrette
3" barrette on 4 year old

Cruising in my wagon!
M2M Spring Rainbow Tuxedo

M2M Orient Expressed for All!

More M2M Orient Expressed!

Alice In Wonderland
Amadeus Tuxedo on Headband

Alice In Wonderland
Amadeus Tuxedo on Headband

Velvet and Rhinestone Tuxedos
Large size in black shown

M2M Savannah Sunset
9" streamer on 3 1/2 yr old

Black Velvet Boutique Bow
Medium Size shown

Custom Uniform Shop Streamer
11" pigtail streamers shown

Velvet Tuxedo w/Rhinestones
Black and Cream combo shown

Solid Headband in Shocking Pink
7/8" size shown

Solid Headband in Shocking Pink
7/8" size shown